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Koshida (U.S.A.) Inc.

AI (Aerial Image) Plate

     Until now, there has been no holographic projection technology that produced a high quality, 3D aerial image until Koshida’s AI Plate Technology, a groundbreaking new technology makes projecting 3D images for Automotive display a practical, safe to use  HUD,  reality.

Being able to display objects as free-floating, still or moving image, without the use of any sort of reflecting wind screen has long been a dream of Automakers.

Koshida USA introduces for Automotive integration and use the world's first tehnology that enables an asolutely safe, easy to use Automotive HUD image.

We will also target Medical market and application. o

All possible by Koshida's exclusive yet simple structure where light is pased through a single projection plate.

Practical 3D AI Plate application

Example of AI Plate usage combined with touch sensor

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